Anthony James – Opera Gallery

Anthony James first ever UK solo exhibition opens at Opera Gallery’s New Bond Street gallery on the 26th of March-29 April. Currently based in LA, Anthony will be installing his visually stunning light installations in London on the 19th of March.

Moving to Mars

The Design Museum invites visitors to discover the role that design will play in humanity’s journey to the Red Planet in the exhibition ‘Moving to Mars’, which opens this October. Every detail of this extraordinary venture must be designed – from the journey (around seven months), to considering what we will wear, eat and shelter in when we get there and beyond. Over 200 exhibits including original objects and material from NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), SpaceX, Raymond Loewy, Chesley Bonestell plus new commissions from responsible design company RÆBURN, Anna Talvi and Konstantin Grcic tell the complete story of designing for Mars. Two major installations enable visitors to get…

The Economies of Karma

Good’ is the world’s fastest growing currency  No good deed ever goes unpublished. People chronicle acts of kindness. They note, register and record gestures of generosity. They remember virtue. Too often in business, niceties are eschewed in the name of efficiency, speed, focus, or tooth-and-claw competition. Goodness is equated with weakness; niceness is evidence of naïveté. In such a context and culture, altruism rarely stands out as a brightly-feathered arrow in anyone’s quiver. That paradigm is flawed. And that premise is faltering. I believe we’re on the precipice of a paradigmatic shift. Powerful ideas take time to take hold. Consider the trajectory of Design Thinking. Twenty years ago, IDEO trumpeted the…